1. 5:30 in the AM, when you've yet to sleep, is not the time to get into a deep think about your shortcomings as a/n [insert role here]. 2. Generally, I welcome time spent alone in my home -- in fact, I c r a v e it. However, on occasion, the opposite is true: … Continue reading Things

Article: HSP Happiness

15 Things Highly Sensitive People Need to Be Happy This is such a good article and a much-needed read for me, personally, today. (Read: It is VERY validating.) Thought I'd pass it along for anyone who might need it.


BY LIZ GREENE SELF-DEVELOPMENTWhile doing research for my piece on introverts and healthcare, I kept coming across articles alluding to a connection between introversion and depression. Since I knew that introversion is often confused for depression by outsiders, I brushed it off and continued what I was doing. However, after going back and reading through … Continue reading HELP FOR INTROVERTS WHO ARE STRUGGLING WITH DEPRESSION