1. 5:30 in the AM, when you’ve yet to sleep, is not the time to get into a deep think about your shortcomings as a/n [insert role here].

2. Generally, I welcome time spent alone in my home — in fact, I c r a v e it. However, on occasion, the opposite is true: alone time (read: just me & the dark, twisty folds of my brain) can lead to slippery time & space and a free fall down the rabbit hole.

I’m currently experiencing the latter phenomenon.

3. Regardless of #2, I’m enjoying bedtime on my own terms.

4. If I lived alone, I’d probably become even more of a hermit than I already am. At the same time, I hate no longer having space that is mine and only mine. It’s not simply a preference, it’s crucial to my wellbeing — emotionally and physically.

5. Today in a nutshell: disoriented times two (when & where).

6. I’m going to sleep now, the familiar dialogue of Everybody Loves Raymond like white noise coming from my iPad.

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