Definition (or lack thereof)

I’m still in the process of defining the purpose of this site, so last night I decided to make a list of my interests. It looked something like this:
child development, creative process, dis/connection, intuitive knowing, expressive arts, expressive arts therapy, drama therapy, acting, singing, dancing, emotional regulation, life-as-process, creation (as related to art), neuroscience, creation of “self,” authentic expression, theories of personality, neurodiversity… the list went on & on, and I’m not even finished writing it.

As a result, I decided not to limit myself here; I’ll blog about my interests. I’ll post links to things that interest me, and hopefully you’ll find something that interests you amidst it all.

In taking this “interest inventory,” I noticed a common thread: my interests relate to people. This wasn’t news to me; I’ve always wanted to understand how people think and what they like and why they like what they like. In middle school and high school, I spent most of my time in the psychology section of the school library. I particularly liked memoirs filed in that section. Looking back, I was clearly trying to understand myself, but over time my interests evolved and broadened, as is typical of an adolescent maturing into adulthood. Now as a self-aware adult I’m more interested in helping other people understand themselves and discover/build on their strengths.

I seem to have a knack for it, which I discovered in grad school when I was studying mental health counseling. But I’m also a very creative person and have found that creative expression can play a huge role in healing. As can removing the labels so eagerly assigned to individuals in need of mental health support. Once upon a time, I accepted the medical model of mental health treatment. I even bought into it. However, I have experienced a lot since then — both good & bad — and can’t authentically render those services from within that medical model. I know a lot of people who can work well from within the system — they can guide people toward healing in spite of it. But I have never been good at following the rules when I disagree with them, and on this subject I am in fundamental disagreement with the prevailing norms.

So here I am, looking for another way in.


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